SaaS Outlook 2023 Report

The SaaS Outlook 2023’ outlines the significant events from the past year that impacted the SaaS ecosystem.

This report tracks the major turning points that shaped 2023, including the breakthrough developments in AI, the collapse of SVB, the significance of capital efficiency, and the acceleration of M&A in the SaaS sector.

It also illustrates how, in the post-AI era, one can get past the illusion of hyper-valuation and discover new business moats.

Additionally, the research includes views from investors and founders regarding shifting currents as well as the state of the SaaS ecosystem.

Going beyond a retrospective lens, the report also forecasts trends poised to define the future trajectory of the AI SaaS ecosystem in 2024.

Upekkha Contributors and Authors

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan), Managing Partner
Divya Ajitsaria, Head of Marketing
Mohamed Yoosuf, Manager, Marketing
Minakhee Mishra, Senior Editor & Content Manager
Kavya Shastry, Communications Manager
Jaya Malhotra, Content Associate

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Upekkha SaaS Outlook Report 2023

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