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Upekkha is a SaaS Accelerator that helps founders with growth and optionality. Losing optionality i.e. control is not worth while chasing growth.

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Global accelerator Upekkha launches $2.5M annual fund for SaaS startups

The UP Fund announced by global startup accelerator Upekkha plans to support about 20 startups annually by investing $100,000 in each startup.


When Vanity Metrics Meet Casino Capitalism Payout dreams turn to dust

As shocking as the FTX cyclone may sound, this is not a new phenomenon, it is cyclic. It has taken 14 long years for this bull to run in the reverse direction.

Winning formula to add value to India's SaaS growth prophecy

Indian SaaS startups are sitting on a trillion-dollar SaaS opportunity. Find out how Indian SaaS startups can beat their US counterparts, scale globally capital-efficiently, and why Value SaaS is synonymous with industry best practices.

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy of Upekkha Catalyst talks about ‘Building Value SaaS Startups’

In the recent episode of Prime Venture Partners Podcasts, Prasanna  of Upekkha talks about value based pricing, exit planning and more

A tribe of founders who have one another's backs in hard times

Where media focus is usually on millions of dollars in funding, a few months of working capital may sound like a rounding error..

Why Indian Startup Ecosystem Needs More Catalysts Like Upekkha?

It doesn’t take equity in a startup unless the startup achieves a pre-decided revenue milestone

B2B SaaS cos weather the Covid-19 storm

As businesses battle the fallout of Covid-19, 2020 is turnin ..

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Upekkha is an Accelerator founded in 2017 to help founders craft Value SaaS business. Value SaaS is different from Vanity SaaS, it is building a subscription business with fast growth in a capital-efficient way with founder steering full control. Thereafter founders chart a path of pull-based growth through institutional venture capital investment, strategic acquisition, or organic hyper-scale. In a way that a founder is finally in control of her destiny.  With the help of our global network of 110+ SaaS founders, 7 cohorts of startups have built their Value SaaS flywheel to build the SaaS business of their choice.  We believe that giving away optionality, choice, and freedom at the expense of growth does not bode well for founders.
What problem does Upekkha solve?
Upekkha is a SaaS Accelerator founded in 2017. With our tribe & network of SaaS founders, insights, and past experience we help Saas founder build their SaaS Flywheel engine which generates more than $1 for way less than $1 invested into the business. This saves founders 3-4 years of self-learning and mistakes that they typically make. 6 out of our 10 startups in the first cohort built and scaled their flywheel to beyond a million dollars in ARR. Working with 55 such startups, largest tribe/network of founders Our differentiation compared to YC & other accelerators is: a) We are B2B SaaS only b) We are about Value SaaS (not Vanity) which creates founder optionality (unlike funding optionality).