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The Upekkha Value SaaS Accelerator & Early-stage Fund helps founders build capital-efficient or Value SaaS business, giving them control over their growth route Vs diluting equity early on and losing options over time
Applications close on Feb 26, 2023
SaaS Startups
SaaS Founder
Cohort 1 hit
$1mn ARR
First 20 startups grow
50+% YoY

UP Funds to invest in 60
(all) Upekkha startups
this year

Say no to growth at any cost!
Get your Flywheel spinning first

Upekkha helps startups build razor sharp focus. This focus helped us realign our strategic goals with a well thought-out plan that helped with our growth goals.
Sunil Patro
Co-founder & CEO, Signeasy
Upekkha is an eye-opener. There's no way for an entrepreneur to learn these things without committing mistakes over a large period of time. You definitely become a better entrepreneur, and this is, in true sense, an Accelerator.
Manya Madan
Co-founder, Zoconut

Save years in mistakes
Learn from 225+ SaaS founders

We help create
Meaningful Founder Outcomes

Get access to $700,000
in Partner Credits
plus 20 more

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

B2B SaaS startups with early revenue.

What are the key dates?

Applications to our next cohort close on Feb 26, 2023

What's the selection process?

The selection process involves two rounds of interviews – one with the Upekkha community startup founders and one with Upekkha Partners.

How long does the program last?

The accelerator program runs for 6 months. You become a member of the tribe for eternity.

What's the program like?

You will take part in an intense experience full of sprints, reviews and consultative sessions. The program includes carefully crafted concoction of SaaS frameworks, actionable insights and peer learning modules.

What is the program fee?

The program fee is 4% equity for our flagship accelerator program. This includes lifetime community membership.

An additional fee of 5% equity for the $100K seed fund from Upekkha, which can be bought back.