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Value SaaS Movement

The Upekkha Community is a rapidly expanding network of SaaS founders
that hold hands together forever
We built Upekkha as a tribe where founders have each other’s backs, and not just a portfolio of startups
Shekar Nair
Co-Founder, Upekkha

Why Upekkha

Avoid Mistakes

Know how SaaS founders are building the future. Learn from the collective experience of Upekkha founders. Interact with more than 140 founders regularly and learn from their mistakes. Upekkha’s knowledge and working sessions bring all the founders together to discuss their challenges, share their past experiences, and express their views to solve a problem.

Get Client Referrals

Consider the community as your augmented salesforce. All Upekkha startups are growing steadily with more clients every year. Our founders are at the vantage point to understand their clients’ critical challenges and find a perfect solution offered by our startups.

You Are Not Alone In A Crisis

Like any founder, your journey is testing and tough. The Upekkha community is built with a vision to not let founders down in their journey. The psychological, intellectual, and financial aspects of a founder are crucial to their success. Besides the community discussions, Upekkha’a leaders speak with every founder through one-on-one sessions and equip them with all the ingredients for success.

When Our Founders Stood For Each Other

This story needs to be told because it is not all talks and no action. During the pandemic, ClassPro had no runway to continue its business and had to close one of its offices. But we do not give up on each other that quickly. One of our startups, Nittio Learn, provided ClassPro a credit line without a formal agreement.

Limitless Possibilities for Founder Success

Call it founder optionality. Founders are pushed into a bitter ‘Go Big or Go Home’ scenario. They chase the vanity wagon for unrealistic wealth maximization under high-valued investment pressure. Often, they freefall under the intense gravitational pull of vanity investment expectations and lose track of their options to succeed. Upekkha assists founders in making early turnkey decisions to unlock multiple opportunities. The results? They go big as a founder forever or take the vigorous growth path. Or they exit meaningfully. In the Upekkha ecosystem, heads or tails,

Faster Growth With Other Founder Experience

Call it the Value SaaS Tribe. Upekkha expands its tribe by carefully adding members every year to create a community-driven, progressive movement to build incredible SaaS products. With a network of founders who do not resort to Vanity in the SaaS universe, they learn, share their past experiences, and help each other grow. The founders’ path to success is fast-tracked as they learn from the cumulative experience of other founders in the tribe.

Embrace Steady Growth With SaaS Flywheel

Call it the Value SaaS Flywheel. Recurring profit is music to the founder’s ears. The Value SaaS Flywheel strengthens the fundamentals of early startup growth. And the founders get access to the masterplan for all upcoming heavy lifting exercises to double their recurring revenue and gain flexibility, freedom, and optionality. In a nutshell, the Flywheel analyzes multiple founder choices, including Ideal Customer Persona, Value-based Pricing, and Target Market. And help them find pathways to generate revenue from happy customers, engage & retain them.  They build a sustainable revenue stream before standing firm & tall.
From less than one month, our runway has extended to three months. That will give us time to figure out how to extend it by another few months. We were ready to give 15% interest, but the Upekkha  community decided to keep the loan founder-friendly. We had earlier talked to working capital loan providers, but it was coming to 22% interest in a repayment-from-revenue model, which was more than we could afford.
Jayesh Gopalan
Co-Founder, ClassPro
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What our founders think about the Upekkha Community

The Upekkha  (startup cohorts) provides a great avenue for learning from companies who have gone through similar issues or are currently going through them. You also get to know how people have solved some of the problems that you are currently facing.
Every minute spent with the Upekkha team and the peer group of startups increases our conviction and confidence of helping our customers be successful, and in the process build our flywheel revenue and grow 2X year-on-year, capital efficiently. The program has provided much-needed clarity for my biased "founder" mind and helped me be laser-focused on delivering "value" to our customers.
Gagandeep Singh Josan
Nittio Learn
Joining Upekkha has given us access to a powerful network and community of SaaS founders, a support system that otherwise would not be available to startups. It has been crucial in helping us do the right things for the business.
Pulkit Agarwal
We have all read a lot of theories from various blogs and articles, but listening to the ins and outs of what worked and what did not, from other founders who have already achieved success by implementing these Value SaaS frameworks in their business, gave us much-needed confidence and a lot more clarity.
Jimit Bagadiya

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