SaaS Founders - Will we ‘SINK or SWIM’?

India SaaS Founders -
Remaining Resilient During The Global Economic Downturn

Key takeaways

3 things for a SaaS founder to follow during the economic slowdown
Who will be impacted the most during these turbulent times?
Is it the time to slowdown or focus and double-down?

Deconstruction of the India SaaS Report 2022 – Punching Through The Global Pecking Order

The recent developments in the global markets impacted the SaaS Ecosystem around a number of parameters. How can we continue scaling capital efficiently and remaining relatively unaffected by the global economic storms?

Date and Time: 25th January, Wednesday, 10 AM IST

Atit Danak

Partner & Head , Zinnov CoNXT

Has 15+ years experience working in India and China. He specializes in new product development and market expansion as a core problem statement.

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Partner, Upekkha

Prasanna is a founder coach on a mission to help founders craft capital-efficient Value SaaS businesses. He has coached more than a hundred entrepreneurs during his stints at Upekkha, Microsoft Accelerator and iKen.

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