Customer-driven: Customers approach the service provider with specific problems to be solved.
Problem-driven: Most customers are unaware of the problems they face. But the problem is the most important root of a SaaS business
Focus on problem-solving: Providing solutions to specific problems for individual clients.
Focus on value creation: Developing products that offer high value to a larger customer base.
Customization: Solutions are tailored to individual customer requirements.
Standardization: Though products can be configured, the standard model must fit multiple customers.
Changing requirements: Each customer's problem is unique, and requirements can change over time.
Consistent requirements: Products address common needs and must have consistent requirements.
Customers: Few large customers. Some at 5+% of revenue.
Customers: Many small customers. None above 5% of revenue (at scale).
Pricing model: Project-based contracts, consulting fees, time and materials
Pricing model: Number of seats, consumption, tiered by features
Emphasis on customization and consulting expertise.
Emphasis on product benefits, usability, and scalability.
High touch approach.
Product-led approach.